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Quirk Law Firm Assists Elementary School Students through Kid-Ade Program


For Ventura Attorney Aletheia Gooden, it is important to give back to the Southern California community. Through her law firm, she helped to develop Ventura County Kid-Ade, a program that provides educational supplies and other materials to school-area children in need. At the Quirk Law Firm the dedicated Ventura personal injury attorneys know that assisting residents of our area means more than providing experienced legal representation. To be sure, it also means assisting families with educational needs that they cannot meet on their own.

Kid-Ade Program Helps Children at Topa Topa Elementary

A sixth-grade teacher from Topa Topa Elementary School in Ojai recently wrote to the Quirk Law Firm, explaining her students’ need for assistance with an educational field trip that many cannot afford. Every year, the school has a yearly field trip to the Catalina Island Marine Institute. As the classroom teacher explained, finding groups to sponsor children for this phenomenal learning experience is one of the greatest needs at Topa Topa Elementary.

What is involved in the field trip? The teacher’s letter to Aletheia Gooden explained that the trip happens every year, and this year it is taking place from October 26th through October 28th. In the sixth-grade teacher’s own words, “this is an amazing growth experience for our students” because it “integrates hands-on experience with our study of oceanography.” Teaching students about oceanography is just one part of the science curriculum at Topa Topa Elementary.

While the field trip experience has proven more than worthwhile for young students, many do not have the funds to cover the costs associated with this extended visit to the Catalina Island Marine Institute. The total cost of the program is $305 per student, a cost that includes transportation by both bus and ferry, lodging at the Institute, meal costs, and relevant program fees. When the sixth-grade teacher wrote to Attorney Aletheia Gooden, she hoped that the Kid-Ade Program might be able to provide a scholarship for one of the students to attend the field trip this fall.

Ventura Attorney Aletheia Gooden Provides Scholarships for Two Kids through Kid-Ade

After receiving the letter from Topa Topa Elementary, Aletheia Gooden recognized the benefits of the Catalina Island field trip for young students in Ojai, and she promptly informed the school that the Kid-Ade Program would provide two scholarships in the amount of $610. Those students in Ventura County who will benefit from the scholarships have Kid-Ade to thank.

The Kid-Ade program initially was conceived to assist Ventura County students in a variety of ways, and the attorneys at the Quirk Law Firm quickly got to work by providing school supplies and related materials for kids who cannot afford the items they need to be successful in the learning environment, such as:

  • Backpacks;
  • Books;
  • Clothes and shoes; and
  • School supplies.

Yet Kid-Ade aims beyond simply providing materials for use within the classroom, and the Ventura personal injury attorneys at the Quirk Law Firm have emphasized that the Program also can provide:

  • Funds for school-related expenses, such as field trips;
  • Meals;
  • Holiday gifts; and
  • Scholarships for other extracurricular activities, including sports.

Ventura Attorney Aletheia Gooden recognizes that success in the classroom sometimes requires more than a student’s family can provide. That is where Kid-Ade can come in to help. The Quirk Law Firm is dedicated to giving back to its community. If you have questions or would like to learn more about the work we do, contact us today.

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